We are flexitarians!

We love food!

At the same time we know that what we choose to put in our mouth is one of the most important things we as individuals can do to lower our climate impact and carbon emissions.

But you don’t have to go totally vegan of you don’t want to. Just cutting down a little on your meat consumption will have a large impact on your yearly co2 footprint. We know it can be hard to change a diet, so let’s not be hard on ourselves. Choosing the flexitarian way might be a more sustainable lead in to more plant based food in your life.

Our journey towards healthier and more vegetarian food was sped up by the fact that we started growing our own vegetables on an allotment garden. All of a sudden we had a surplus of veggies that needed to be taken care of. That surplus forces us to incorporate more plants in our meals. And after a while we realized that meat is often hugely overestimated.

Don’t get us wrong. We think meat is delicious, but we have to start thinking about it as a side dish. Or even better: think of animal products as a spice. Something we can add a little amount of to make the meal reach the next level.

We love food, but we also love our planet. Let’s be nice to it.

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